Guide for Visitors of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. Caminito del Rey (El Chorro)

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This guide shows the main natural and historical values ​​of the Gaitanes Gorge, which, after 40 years of impassable conditions, can once again be traversed through new runways superimposed on the deteriorated “Caminito del Rey“.

caminito del rey chorro 2003 panoramic 360

caminito del rey chorro 2003 panoramic 360

The magnificent ecological heritage of geology, rivers, flora and fauna, is not less than the historical legacy received since prehistory, until the Gorge became, first as a corridor so that Malaga could communicate with the rest of Spain for Railroad in the middle of the nineteenth century, and later, by turning these works into an extraordinary hydroelectric industry of the early twentieth century. Being able to return to these spaces, now safe, and with qualified information that rediscovers them to the current citizens, is the objective of this guide.

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