enjoy kayakin at El Chorro Indian Sports Ardales

indian sport kayak adventures in parque ardales el chorro

A few weekends ago we went to El Chorro and rented two kayaks at Indian Sport. It was fun and a very different way to visit the beautiful lake district.

Far from the tourist crowds of sun and sand we find a paradise inside, a very unique place full of beauty and inland Málaga province. This magnificent space is the Ardales Park Adventure Center, on the banks of the dam Conde de Guadalhorce and by the Natural setting of the Gaitanes Gorge.

This environment is configured as a unique natural area of spectacular natural beauty and vast ecological wealth, invites practicing various activities and adventure sports in full contact with nature.

In INDIAN SPORT they make available technical and human resources required to experience nature with the maximum safety and security.

Their objectives : show nature in its purest and delight people with active tourism and adventure sports, without forgetting respect our mother earth.
At their facilities you will feel comfortable because they have different services and a recreation area with coffee bar, supermarket, toilets, tables, benches, fountains, BBQ area, garbage collection, swimming area and dock.
Among our activities, the most successful is canoeing.

Our Staff of Inland Properties Real Estate doing some field work :-)

Our Staff of Inland Properties Real Estate doing some field work 🙂


The Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir, which is fed by the Turon River, is an ideal place for practicing this sport. They will provide everything you need for you to go to navigate safely in the company of friends, a couple, family or even alone.

Some climbing is also possible

Some climbing is also possible

If you want to know the inside of Málaga, surrounded by mountains and pine forests, sail the waters of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir becomes a pleasure for the senses. In this lake you will discover the beautiful places that can only be accessed from a canoe.

All the family can join

All the family can join




  • Parque Ardales 29550 Ardales, Málaga
  • Tel: 951212011 Mobil: 686479288
  • Web : www.indiansport.es









mijas liberation from the french army reenactment 2014

mijas liberation from the french napoleonic reenactment 2014

The next 18 and 19 October in Plaza de La Libertad and the Plaza de la Constitution de Mijas, there will be the  historical reenactment “Mijas: one people against Napoleon’s soldiers”, organized by the municipality of Mijas in collaboration with the Historical and Cultural Association and Peña 1831 Torrijos of Mijas. All are invited to attend who are attracted by the town’s history.

torrijos before been executed at Malaga beach

torrijos before been executed at Malaga beach

Experience this historical reenactments by 1831 Torrijos Association, which since 2003 recreates the landing of General Torrijos at the Mijas beach of “El Charcón”, and does the anual “March over the Torrijos Road”.

At 21 hours starting on Saturday the recreation at the “Plaza de la Libertad” and consists in recreating the moment in which a riders Regiment of Malaga brings a letter from the military governor of the capital in which he tells the mayor of Mijas of the fall of the city of Málaga in the hands of Napoleon’s troops.

mijas liberation napoleon army french army

mijas liberation napoleon army french army

There, the character who plays the ruler of the town reads a proclamation warning of the approach of the French Army to the village of Mijas.

Now the next day, at 11:30 hours on the same site, there will be the enlistment of more than 70 people, who would become part of Mijas Infantry Regiment and Malaga, and most likely died at the bloody battle of Ocaña (Toledo).

mijas liberation napoleon army shooting

mijas liberation napoleon army shooting

The event,is the first time it is performed, as it has been this year when we found a notice in a newspaper of the time (1808) that revealed this fact. It is a tribute to those citizens of Mijas.

mijas liberation napoleon army guerrillas

mijas liberation napoleon army guerrillas

The latter performance will take place in Constitution Square from 12:15 hours and will see the appearance of Mijas in a 1810 market day, the occupation of people and town  by the French troops and their repression, the actions of the Mijas guerrilla, and the killing by the french of two of Mijas patriots, Quero Blanco and Garcia Moreno. It all ends with the release of Mijas by the troops of General Ballesteros.

alqueria conde mollina where torrijos was arrested

alqueria conde mollina where torrijos was arrested

alqueria conde mollina arab tower 2014

alqueria conde mollina arab tower 2014

A little ghost story : In all the area there is the legend that the tower of the village you can hear voices and strange sounds that give you goosebumps; some think they are the spirits of the brave liberals who roam these parts, showing their discontent because nobody helped them!!!!








Torrijos Route : http://ca.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=3717906

Mijas Townhall : http://www.mijas.es/portal/en/

Asociacion Histórica General Torrijos : http://www.torrijos1831.es/

marbella torre lance de las canas

Lance de las Cañas Turret : A forgotten Monument in Marbella

From the “Hidden Treasures of the Costa del Sol” series.

This tower is located next to the beach near an old Civil Guard barracks and in the vicinity of other buildings. Its surroundings are rather deteriorated and its eastern face has a hole at ground level. It was built in the second half of the 18th century as an artillery emplacement. The tower is shaped like a horseshoe. It has a prolonged semi-circular ground plan with two oblique spurs or hornwork behind it. Its perimeter measures 53.35 metres and its height exceeds 10 metres.

marbella unrestored torre lance de las canas

marbella unrestored torre lance de las cañas

Inside there are two floors and the surface area in them increases as we ascend while the thickness of its external walls is reduced. The lower or basement floor constitutes the powder magazine (at ground level). The upper floor or main room is well lighted by two large windows and covered like the basement by a vaulted brick ceiling. All the necessary services (larder, chimney, etc.) are aligned along the northern retaining wall. Lastly, there is a spacious roof terrace with a parapet and a hole to act as a chimney. Two stairways communicate the different rooms with the roof terrace. Access to the tower is at a height of six metres above the ground on the western face of the right-hand spur. It was built with masonry and complemented with bricks on several elements like the corners, door jambs and heads, embrasures, parapet mouldings and internal vaults and walls.

marbella lance de las cañas after restoration

marbella lance de las cañas after restoration

It is a monument that has been declared as a Heritage of Cultural Interest 1985 (Bien de Interés Cultural). Historical data: The frequency of raids along this sector by expeditions which at times amounted to up to two thousand men as a result of the cooperation established between Turks and North African Muslims led to such sanguinary events like the sacking of Gibraltar by Baba Aruj or “Barbarossa” in 1450. This led the emperor to reinforce the fortifications with a new model that could boost defensive combat capabilities. His aim was perhaps to build this kind of buildings along the entire coastline. Four forts of this kind were built in the province of Malaga, of which three are to be found in this sector.

UPDATE : The tower has been completely restored and is very well worth a visit nowadays





Torremolinos, een van de strandplekjes aan de Costa del Sol

Deutsch: Playa de Torremolinos. Español: Playa...

Deutsch: Playa de Torremolinos. Español: Playa de El Bajondillo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Torremolinos is een van de toeristische plaatsen in de Costa del Sol in Spanje. De geschiedenis van Torremolinos is zeer interessant. De naam Torremolinos komt van Torre (toren) en Molinos (molen). Dit was omdat er in het verleden veel windmolens waren.Een van de windmolens bestaat nog steeds en dient nu als een restaurant.

Als u met het vliegtuig komt vliegt u op de luchthaven van Malaga. Torremolinos ligt op slechts 15 minuten rijden van de luchthaven. U kunt ook met de trein van het vliegveld naar Torremolinos. Dit is een zeer goede verbinding.

In Torremolinos en omgeving zijn veel dingen te doen en te zien. Een van de grootste attracties van Torremolinos is het strand met gezellige bars en goede restaurants. In de omgeving zijn diverse thema-en attractieparken voor kinderen maar ook voor volwassenen. Er zijn golfbanen, botanische tuinen, bioscopen en een grote keuze aan restaurants en bars.

In Torremolinos is ook het Castle Bil-Bil dit kasteel ziet eruit als een Arabische gebouw.

Castillo El Bil-Bil

Castillo El Bil-Bil (Photo credit: lasmadrinas)

Het gebouw is omgeven door bankjes en een fontein. Binnenin is er een marmeren vloer met mooie decoratie. Naast het kasteel Bil-Bil is een Starbucks. Iedereen kent Starbucks en weet dat u hier debeste koffie van de wereld kunt krijgen.

Natuurlijk is het weer in Torremolinos is erg goed, het is dan ook een mediterraan klimaat.

Er is niet veel regen in Torremolinos en al helemaal niet in de periode van mei tot september, wanneer de toeristen de Costa del Sol komen bezoeken.

Als het mooi weer is kun je naar het strand maar iets anders leuksis Aqualand. Het is een water avonturen park met zeven spectaculaire glijbanen die vele uren plezier bieden.

De glijbanen  variëren  van snelle steile en glijbanen  waarop u met een band naar beneden glijd. Er is zelfs de mogelijkheid om te zwemmen met zeeleeuwen.

In Torremolinos heb je veel hotels waar je kunt verblijven voor een goede vakantie.

U kunt natuurlijk ook een appartement huren. Er zijn natuurlijk heel veel hotels, maar wat we kunnen vertellen is dat Marconfort Beach Club Hotel, Hotel Sol Principe en Hotel Isabel erg goed zijn.

English: Beach Club Hotel, Torremolinos, Spain...

English: Beach Club Hotel, Torremolinos, Spain. Formerly known as Hotel Pontinental. Built in 1969. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Er zijn ook zeer leuke restaurants en bars waar u terecht kunt in Torremolinos. Als je wilt kun je de andere plaatsen in de Costa del Sol bezoeken. U kunt een bezoek maken aan Malaga, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Estepona en Marbella.

Als u op zoek naar rijke en beroemde mensen danmoet je echt naar Puerto Banus, dit is ten zuidwesten van Marbella. Er zijn daar veel dure winkelcentra, restaurants en bars rondom de jachthaven. Ook vind u hier de luxere merkwinkels zoals Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabanna, Bulgari en nog veel meer.