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ana del campo painting

ana del campo painting

Term of use
All articles in this blog are written by me, information provided is based on my personal experience and knowledge. However I may not have complete information so I do source information online and from printed articles whereby I ensure it’s of reliable source, which is referenced accordingly within a post. You are advised that all information provided and taken from this blog will be at your own risk. The contents on this blog are shared accordingly to my thoughts that I feel it is news worthy to share with you or something that is true and interesting. The articles may not necessary reflect your personal point of view, your are reading this blog at your own free will.

All product/services/location/property reviews are based on my own personal experiences or encounters. Reviews on this blog may be invited, sponsored or paid, however I will be sharing my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and/or experiences on pros and cons of the product,service,or location.

In the case of a product or service, to ensure the quality of my review, I will be testing them for a duration of 3 to 4 weeks depending on the types of products and/or services as reviewed. This time frame will allow me to try and test the products/services properly.


Calle Andaluza

Calle Andaluza

I retain full copyright over all the articles within this blog. All photos on this blog are photographed by me unless stated otherwise, and I retain full copyright over the photos on this blog. Being said that, this blog may contain images around the web or compfight and/or professional photos provided by Press/PR, credit to original source will be stated within a post.

Unauthorized use of any part of the text or photo is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use of content or photos is theft and an infringement of my copyright. All articles or excerpts thereof may not be used without prior permission having first been obtained. If permission is granted, kindly provide an attribution link back to my site at www.inlandproperties.info or to the article itself. You may link to the article but you may not reproduce any part of the article whether in full or in part. No part of my articles may be used for commercial purposes.

Although photos are not watermark, should you wish to link to a photo on my site, please do not crop the photo or use it in any way that indicates or implies that it belongs to you.  All photos must be published as is with a credit back to my blog.

I will take the necessary action again any site found to be infringing my copyright rules. This includes raising this matter with your webhost and your advertisers and I will not be responsible for any action they may take against you.

Hold Harmless

Pueblo Blanco

Pueblo Blanco

Product or services results might vary between individuals as different people have different conditions and experiences with the products or services. I will not be held responsible if something I recommend did not work or didnt fulfill expectations. If in doubt, always compare with other blogs or google it.

Privacy statement
Upon subscription to the mailing list (newsletters) your information will not be disclosed to third party nor would it be sold to 3rd parties. All contact information are kept confidential and under the terms and conditions of mail chimp and it’s privacy policy.

Reserve rights
I reserve the right to change the focus of my blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of use anytime at your discretion, with or without prior notice.

Advertisers and Sponsors



This blog accepts advertorials and features sponsored post. However, all paid post are label as Advertorials whereas sponsored ones will be disclaimed below a post should product be provided or services hosted by.

There are no agents and/or any other 3rd party personnel that claim and/or represent my blog or me, aside from Inland Properties Real Estate, Torrequebrada Holiday Rentals, Yomacar Rent a Car, or affiliations stated on my blog sidebar. If you’re an advertiser or an agency you are advised to contact me directly for further discussions.

This blog also host image advertisements that are run by third party networks and I do not have control over what shows nor am I aware of the ad that may be shown to you. I may not have tried the product or service advertised and you are advised to proceed with caution. Where possible, I filter out ads for products and services I do not personally condone but some may slip through and I disclaim all connection with those companies or product.

Some websites I link to or write about are based on my experience with them or based on my perception of them. Some may be affiliate links. I will not be held responsible for any orders or problems you might encounter when purchasing from an online retail store. I will not be held responsible for inciting you to place an order. Links to other websites will take you to an external site run by 3rd parties. They are out of my control and I will not be held responsible or liable for your dealings with them. Let the buyer beware.

Letters to editor

El Gastor

El Gastor

Comments on this blog will be published to the public for all readers in this blog. You have your right to use a nickname and I assure you that email address will be kept confidential. Emails written directly to me or via contact form will be kept confidential however, for questions, reviews or testimonials it may be published on this blog or in an up-and-coming book and/or column, whereby identity confidential is ensured with a “substitute name”.

I welcome constructive criticism and advice. However, bear in mind that if you are rude, vulgar or hateful in your comment, you will not be entertained and that comment will probably be deleted or message will be ignored.

Now some of these house rules have been set, I hope you find this blog informative and do enjoy yourselves at Inland Andalucía Blog

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