La Noche en Blanco Malaga 2016

When : May 14 2016, from 8 pm to 2 am
Where : Malaga City Center
What : More than 250 activities held overnight, including free visits to museums, exhibition halls, and galleries.


CARNAVAL DE NERJA : (Axarquía Costa Del Sol) : 04/02/2016

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Itinerario Cabalgata Reyes Magos Malaga 2016 y recorrido

Itinerario Cabalgata Reyes Magos Malaga 2016 y recorrido y ruta

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In Spain, it is traditional that the Christmas gifts to the children are brought by the Kings the night o…

The Three Kings of Christmas in Spain : Inland Traditions

The Three Kings (or simply The Kings) is the name by which the tradition calls to the visitors after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, that came from foreign countries to pay homage and give gifts of great symbolic wealth: gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Over time, in…

Malaga Feria 2015 : Guide to enjoy it or just survive it

Malaga Feria 2015 : The best climate and fair in the world, lots of fun, delicious cuisine and good music combined with sun, beaches, monuments, museums and cultural visits, but mostly fun and frolic in abundance. From 15 till 22 August 2015
The Feria arrives August…