Nerja Fair 2018 Nerja Fair 2018 from 091018 to 131018 As every year the fair in Nerja brings us many activities and performances. In 2018 also as a novelty there is a booth dedicated to the elderly with daily performances. The Balcony of Europe usually hosts activities for all ages from midday until late afternoon. They are celebrated from concerts and performances to flamenco shows. The concerts take place in the Official Booth located in the Plaza de España (map). Due to the lack of official information about schedules it is advisable to contact the city council (link). I expect an answer from you, at the time of receiving it I will proceed to update the schedules and add activities. Other years the concerts and shows in the Official Booth have taken place at 23.00, it is expected that there will be no major changes. feria nerja 2018 Tuesday, October 9 The opening hours of the fair are estimated taking into account those of 2017, we wait for official information to confirm them. 20.00 – There are usually musical or flamenco shows on the Balcón de Europa (map). 20.30 – Show of fireworks and lighting of the fair. 22.00 – Election of the Queen of the Festivities and the Knight of Nerja Each year usually includes one or more performances of local musicians and dance groups. Wednesday, October 10 Performance of Ana Mena in the Plaza de España. Admission is free. October 11th Performance of Paco Candela October 12 Night of the 80s Orchestra Mondragón & La Frontera   October 13 Performance of Niña Pastori.   During the day the fair acquires importance in the Plaza Tutti Frutti and Calle Antonio Millon. You will find a festive atmosphere with events and lots of fun. (Map) The parking area of ​​”Los Huertos” is where the mechanical attractions and the booths are located. Concerts and other shows take place not far from this location, in the Plaza de España and the Balcón de Europa. In addition to what is indicated in this article you will find parades through the streets of Nerja throughout the day.

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