July 4th Independence Day 2016 : Macharaviaya

JULY 4TH. Macharaviaya (Axarquía Costa Del Sol).
DATE: Day 2 July 2016.

The Independence Day of the United States is a prominent date for Macharaviaya where the contribution of his countryman, Bernardo de Galvez, to American independence is commemorated since leading the colonists against the British in Florida, he won the battle of Pensacola.

4 de julio macharaviaya 2016

4 de julio macharaviaya 2016

Born in Macharaviaya in 1746 and appointed governor of Luisana in 1776, his speech was considered so decisive for American independence that he marched with George Washington marched in the victoria paradade on the streets of Philadelphia.

4 de julio macharaviaya 2016

4 de julio macharaviaya 2016

Among the activities performed during the festival in Macharaviaya, they include performances and historical military parades by the Grenadiers and Damas de Gálvez and Torrijos 1831 associations, as well as the tasting of typical mead liquor fermentation of honey , which was the drink of the Spanish troops in the time.

4 de julio macharaviaya 2016

4 de julio macharaviaya 2016

Events in Macharaviaya are complete with music, costumes contest, screenings of documentary films, traditional American barbecue and fireworks.


More Info

Tourist Info : 
Ayuntamiento, Plaza Matías de Gálvez, 2 (29791) Tlf: (+34) 952 400 042 Fax: (+34) 952 400 026
email: ayuntamiento@macharaviaya.es
Fundación Los Gálvez de Macharaviaya, Avda. de los Gálvez, 19 (29791)Tlf: (+34) 952 400 090 http://www.fundacionlosgalvezdemacharaviaya.es


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