enjoy kayakin at El Chorro Indian Sports Ardales

indian sport kayak adventures in parque ardales el chorro

A few weekends ago we went to El Chorro and rented two kayaks at Indian Sport. It was fun and a very different way to visit the beautiful lake district.

Far from the tourist crowds of sun and sand we find a paradise inside, a very unique place full of beauty and inland Málaga province. This magnificent space is the Ardales Park Adventure Center, on the banks of the dam Conde de Guadalhorce and by the Natural setting of the Gaitanes Gorge.

This environment is configured as a unique natural area of spectacular natural beauty and vast ecological wealth, invites practicing various activities and adventure sports in full contact with nature.

In INDIAN SPORT they make available technical and human resources required to experience nature with the maximum safety and security.

Their objectives : show nature in its purest and delight people with active tourism and adventure sports, without forgetting respect our mother earth.
At their facilities you will feel comfortable because they have different services and a recreation area with coffee bar, supermarket, toilets, tables, benches, fountains, BBQ area, garbage collection, swimming area and dock.
Among our activities, the most successful is canoeing.

Our Staff of Inland Properties Real Estate doing some field work :-)

Our Staff of Inland Properties Real Estate doing some field work 🙂


The Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir, which is fed by the Turon River, is an ideal place for practicing this sport. They will provide everything you need for you to go to navigate safely in the company of friends, a couple, family or even alone.

Some climbing is also possible

Some climbing is also possible

If you want to know the inside of Málaga, surrounded by mountains and pine forests, sail the waters of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir becomes a pleasure for the senses. In this lake you will discover the beautiful places that can only be accessed from a canoe.

All the family can join

All the family can join




  • Parque Ardales 29550 Ardales, Málaga
  • Tel: 951212011 Mobil: 686479288
  • Web : www.indiansport.es









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