malaga reconquest reenactment 2014

Malaga Historic Ride Remembrance of the Reconquer of the Moors 2014

The historic ride in remembrance of the reconquer of Malaga  from the Moors

When : Tomorrow Sunday 240814 1900

Where : Alcazaba fortress in Málaga Center

The parade will start tomorrow 240814 with the handover of the city keys to the city at the gate of the Citadel at 1900 h


Isabel I of Castilla

Isabel I of Castilla

More than 50 extras, which are among the religious orders, jockeys, dancers and concubines to men fully dressed, recreate life in the times of the three cultures (Christian, Muslim and Jewish) by different passages to Malaga reach Alcazabilla Street.

Some Christian Knights

Some Christian Knights

The main novelty of this year is the celebration ceremony of symbolic keys to the city to Queen Elizabeth I and King Ferdinand, who would enter triumphantly into town 527 years ago after one of the bloodiest episode in the war ended by the Moorish conquest of the Kingdom of Granada.

The Moor Princess of Malaga

The Moor Princess of Malaga

The historical protagonists

The ride will feature professional actors playing the major historical figures: Catholic Majesties; Cardinal Mendoza, known as the Grand Cardinal of Spain; Pedro de Toledo, the first bishop of the province; Hernando de Talavera, confessor of Queen Elizabeth; Lady Moya, the lady queen of confidence; Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, nicknamed in the Court of Kings as the “Great Captain” and one of the diplomats who negotiated the surrender of the Moorish kingdom of Granada and even acted as a spy.

The Moorish rulers of Malaga

The Moorish rulers of Malaga

Maceros soldiers who accompany the majesties; Dordux Ali, a wealthy merchant who was in charge of the shop owners negotiate -together with Omar Abenamar- the surrender of the city, after the hard siege that was submitted, and Muslim troops.

The keys to the city of Malaga

The keys to the city of Malaga

These characters, key pieces in the history of the city, will be accompanied at all times by the band of the Expiración, created in June 1992.

The Big Malaga week lays off in style with this historic parade, which for some is the best golden finish that will allow you to relax from the seven days experienced of party, and enjoying a different environment: the Muslim Málaga of the caliphs .

The Women of the Moor Prince Harem

The Women of the Moor Prince Harem


Take your time to park, or better use the public transport.

The main party is over, but there still be a lot of people in Málaga Center, so be patient and take your time.

This act is a remembrance, and tries to be as historically accurate as possible, but take it as it is. You will find a lot of information about the reconquer of Málaga on the Internet, and as every war, many crimes and horrendous acts where done by both parts.


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