alora feria malaga 2014

Alora Malaga Feria 2014

From 30 July till 03 August in Alora, Málaga, Spain.

Come and enjoy the yearly celebration at Alora, Inland Andalucía!!.

alora feria malaga 2014 people 1

People at the Alora feria 2014

Alora in Malaga province : The town of Alora crowns a small hill over the Guadalhorce river. The castles towers, once vigil to the comings and goings of men and inland merchandise, in the Bobastro domains, outstand over the city, which shelters discretely between two small headlands and the powerful Hacho mountain (559 m.). .

Leaving the new constructions to one side, the town keeps its typically Andalusian form, with very representative houses of popular architecture and significant samples of the economic drive it has enjoyed and still has. The urban nucleus extends over one side of the mountain over which the Castle rises, being the symbol of Alora. The castle was probably built in the visigode era and amplified by the Arabs and all that remains are two towers and a horseshoe archway,


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