casares malaga feria 2014

casares malaga feria august 2014

From 31/07 till 03/08, Casares in Málaga celebrates its Agust Feria 2014

casares malaga feria 2014 day plan

casares malaga feria 2014 day plan

To say that Casares is beautiful is an understatement. Most of the white villages are beautiful but there is something very special about the sight of Casares that causes the visitor to park the car and simply stare or take a photo. 

The ruined church, Iglesia de la Encarnacion was built in 1505, when Spain had been free from the Moros for a number of years. It remained in use until 1845, and the building was badly damaged by anarchists during the Civil War of 1936-39. Today it is loc ked and deserted.

There are two entrances into the fortifications, so you can take a circular journey. One is an enclosed passageway while the other resembles some kind of formal gate. The base of the walls is certainly Moorish but everything shoulder height or higher date s from after 1500


Casares Feria from the townhall :

Casares Area (Ronda) :

Casares Town :

Property in Casares :



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