Caminito del Rey Alora Malaga being restored

Caminito del Rey Chorro Alora 2014 being restored

El caminito del Rey in Alora, Málaga, is being restored by the government.

We where there yesterday Sunday, and the improvements can already be seen from the road from Alora to the lakes, on the MA-444.

Her we show a little video of the works. Sorry about the quality, it was recorded from a running car!

We promise we will get a better one soon 🙂

For some more info about El Chorro : 

For some property in El Chorro and Alora :

Location of the recording :


3 thoughts on “Caminito del Rey Chorro Alora 2014 being restored

  1. As of July 28, 2014, the first 100 meters or so of the Caminito were repaired. The section where the trail was destroyed to prevent entry was re-done, and the only thing keeping you out is a couple of flimsy fences which can be easily moved and walked around, and dozens of “entry prohibited, no trespassing” signs. No technical climbing skills or equipment are needed to walk on the restored section. However, the section is very narrow and there is no railing (yet). The safety rope is still there, but it is loose and in sad shape. So if heights make you unsteadily dizzy – better spend the day at the beautiful beach in Torremolinos. To get to Caminito del Rey you no longer need to walk around the railway. From the curve just past the train station take the road toward the gorge. It soon becomes unpaved, but in good condition and no 4WD is needed. Park at the parking lot just in front of the gate on the left (no further access) Coordinates: North 36 degrees, 54 minutes, 44.9 seconds. West 004 degrees, 45 minutes, 57.8 seconds. Gently move the fence blocking the trail on the right (going uphill), and follow the trail which will then curve left and down, and in less than two minutes gets you to the beginning of Caminito del Rey. Move another fence, take a deep breath, and you are there! The restored section is in great shape. If any of the construction workers are present they would probably ask you to leave because works is still in progress.

    • Hi Ron!
      Thanks for the update.
      Hope I can check it out personally soon. Not been up there since you could do the full walk at your own risk 🙂

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