inland properties alozaina maria sagredo

Alozaina : Maria Sagredo 1570 Festival 2014 Reenactment

inland properties alozaina maria sagredo

alozaina maria sagredo

From the “Hidden Festivals and Histories of the Costa del Sol” series.


In the sixteenth century the rebellion of the Moors and Alozaina stars a remarkable event in the skirmishes and battles that are succeeding to be totally dominated.

In April 1570, reported Aben Aboo, leader of the rebellion, sent his brother The Galip to lead the riot from the Axarquia to the Serrania de Ronda. The Galip soon falls prisoner in Alora and is sentenced to death. The Ronda monfíes gather in Tolox and loot Alozaina on the 7th of July, 1570. The relief came pretty soon, but can not prevent the destruction of several houses. They begin to play the alarm bells and only two squires attend, as the rest were in Coin. As one goes in search of help, the other, Ginés Martin, is preparing to defense. It uses all men, women and children available, as nearly all the rest were working on the fields. Women take their role as defenders, wearing visible clothes and hats as if they were male, to give a sense of warning and defense. The Moors spread and attack, and seventeen of them fall over and seventy were injured.

inland properties alozaina torreon maria sagredo

alozaina torreon maria sagredo

Maria Sagredo seen falling to his father Martin Dominguez, and fighting like strived male, defends a tower for the attackers climbed already. She killed one and injureed many others moorish. Seeing that fails to stop them, she throw them some hives that were there from which emerges a swarm of bees that attacks and chases the besiegers. That evening relief arrived and Arevalo Zuazo came the next day and left the town with soldiers garrisoned.
After the rebellion of the Moors Alozaina wasrepopulated with Christians. The remains of the castle today are reduced to the Tower of Maria Sagredo, incorporated into the walls of a house, and a park with her name.

WHEN : 16,17,18 May 2014

WHERE : Alozaina, Málaga, Spain







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