Turon Castle in Ardales : Hidden Tunnels, Treasures and Ghosts

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Main walls of Turon Castle in Ardales

Main walls of Turon Castle in Ardales

The Castle of Turón is an Arab Castle near Ardales, in Málada, Spain. Famous for its history in the Reconquest, and lately for the legend of the secret tunnels to the hidden treasure of the Arabs , as well as the ghost stories, apparitions, and Ghostly sounds recorded.


Turon Castle is located 3 km from the Town of Ardales, going upstream the river Turón, or using any of the tracks that follow the river, including the one going over the famous Roman Bridge of Ardales.

Google Map Location :


Location in Google Maps of Turn Castle in Ardales

Turon Castle in Ardales Spain, Google Map Location

To reach the fortress, you have to get to the Town of Ardales, which has a rich history, culture, nature, and gastronomy.

We take the Road A-357 from Málaga City, and it brings us to this town, and once there we look for the Road to “El Burgo”. Just before leaving the town look for the signs of the “Puenteo Romano” or “Puente de la Molina” (Roman bridge, one of the 2 remaining roman bridges still in use in Málaga Province, with three arches and built in the First Century in the times of Emperor August).

After crossing the Bridge, turn left on the track and follow the river on the right side. We will be on a (*) tarmacked road that will bring us to a field on the base of the Castle Towers. From there we will start walking on the track that goes up through the fields, and brings us to the entrance of the fortress, roughly beside the biggest tower on the left.

(*) Up to 1995 this road was still showing the beautiful surface of a Roman Road, with a perfect surface made of stone slabs, showing that the main Roman Road coming from the Coast going to Sevilla and Ronda did pass through here. I am glad I still could see it before the townhall decided it was old junk, and tarmacked it. If any of you has any pictures from back them, please let me now… 🙂


Being fortified by Muhammad V in 1362, as a frontier fortress, from its walls the Arabs defended themselves from the Christian Conquest, that was being organiced from the Nighbouring Castle of Teba. On one of this battles between Arabs and Christians is where the Famous Sir James Douglas was killed. The Castle of Turón was an impressive fortress, with two gates, a maind watchtower that controlled the whole valley. More than ten towers and two walls surrounded the top of the Hill.

The fortress kept its military relation with the kindom of Granada until 1433 when Gómez de Ribera “el Adelantado” took Turón for the Castilians.
After that, the área is abandoned, and starts quickly to decay, being its land and benefits included in the ones of neighbouring Ardales Catle “Peña de Ardales”. Therefor, the Castle of Turón belongs from the XV Century to the Town of Ardales.


Turon Castle Views towards Ardales

Turon Castle Views towards Ardales

The views from the Castle are spectacular. You inmediately understand why this place whas chosen to build the fortress. You can see the Sierra de Las Nieves to the West, Ardales to the East, Sierra Huma and El Chorro Lakes, to the South the fields of Alcaparaín, Prieta, Cabrilla and the river Turón. We can really imagine all the battles that took place here between Sevilla and Granada.


There is a legend that says that from the castle there is a secret passage tha goes down to the river, and that it holds the treasures of the Arabs, hidden there before the Castillians took over the Castle. I have heard from old people at Ardales that at the beginning of the XX century there was a deep tunnel with stairs, into which the kids throwed stones not hearing them touching the bottom. Also there are stories of people being seen at night digging at the Castle.
I remember back in the nineties that I saw the beginning of some stairs carved out in the rock going into the mountain. They where partly covered in rubble. If you go nowadays to the Castle you wont find any trace of those stairs, since they are completely covered with stones and rocks.
The stairs and the tunnel are still there under the rubble, so if you want to find the truth behind the legend, I can tell you where to start digging. 🙂


Many stories and legends have been told around the Castel of Turon, and the valley beneath it. Tales involving Sir James Douglas, Omar Ben Afsun from Bobastro, Kings and Princesses, hidden treasures and ghostly figures seen at night and even if full daytime. There even have been recordings of paranormal activity which you can see here :

video logo 100x

Video 1

Video 2

Video 2

Approaching Turon Castle in Ardales

Approaching Turon Castle in Ardales

Fantastic location and fantastic walk. Unfortunately nowadays the castle is in big disrepair, and from this Blog we take the opportunity to ask the Townhall of Ardales and the government to try and do something to avoid the entire castle to disappear. This has happened too many times in the past to an extent that the only thing left of them is their memory.


  • Tracks are muddy in Winter. Rest of the year they are in good condition for any vehicle. A video of the road here
  • Worth seeing is the Roman bridge, which you cross going to the Castle
  • Check out the famous pastry of Ardales. More on that later on this Blog.
  • The “Fiesta de la Matanza” festival in Ardales in February. Free Food and Free Drinks!



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