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Hereby we show you the 12 new properties for sale added to Inland Properties portfolio in the days from 01/08/2016 to 27/08/2016. 

New Property for sale in Olvera, Alora and Axarquia
























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This weeks post : Manilva : The harvest Festival 03 September 2016

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Manilva : Harvest Festival 2016

WHEN : 03 September 2016

WHERE : Manilva (Costa Del Sol)

Manilva, municipality of the Cosa del Sol each year, coinciding with the end of the grape harvest, celebrates its Harvest Festival.

The first weekend of September, after the Mass and the procession of the Virgin in the early hours of the morning, neighbors congregate on the street to witness the stepping of the grape and taste the first wine of the season.

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

rocieros groups, verdiales and, since the fall of the night, a great popular festival in the town square, complete the festive offer.

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

Manilva Fiesta Vendimia 2016

Manilva Property and History :
Manilva Tourist information:
Tourist Office, bldg. Mykonos, Puerto de la Duquesa (29692) Phone: (+34) 952 89 74 34/952 89 38 16
Fax: (+34) 952 89 63 08; e-mail:
Town Hall, C / Mar, 34 (29691). Phone: 952 890 065; Fax: 952 890 066.


Feria de Malaga 2016 : Info and Events

Malaga Feria 2016 : The best climate and fair in the world, lots of fun, delicious cuisine and good music combined with sun, beaches, monuments, museums and cultural visits, but mostly fun and frolic in abundance. From 13 till 20 August 2016

The Feria arrives August and Malaga feria city is ready to live one of the most important fair events of the year for Malaga: Malaga Fair 2016 this year between 13 and 20 August. The Live shows are something unique and worth visiting even for clubbers, and difficult to survive because the party doesnt stop for 10 intense days … how ever you are and live with more or less intensity, it is important to enjoy the experience at one of the main tourist areas in Europe: Málaga and the Costa del Sol.

Fairgrounds. image

Fairgrounds. image

As I have lived more a few malaga feria (each time with less intensity due to the obligations and over the years …) I plan to do a basic guide of the malaga feria to guide our visitors at this time. Like any massive party you must know how to move, where to go, and there are things that can be improved. I hope you find my basic tips interesting and as I always say, with your comments, opinions and recommendations this article will be much more useful for everyone. Lets go to the malaga feria!

cartel feria malaga 2016

cartel feria malaga 2016


1. Origin of the Malaga feria

Summer festival in Malaga have their origin in the commemoration of the incorporation of Málaga to the Crown of Castile by the Catholic Monarchs, who entered the city on 19 August 1487. A few years later (1491) the City Council established the Start of festivities. Over the years they have been gaining strength and today is the big summer party in southern Spain.

Home lit fair Malaga. image

Home lit fair Malaga. image


2. Proclamation and Fireworks

The holidays in malaga feria break open at Friday night with the opening, close to the sea, by some prominent authorities and then, at 00:00 with fireworks that inaugurate the holidays in the city. That Friday night there is a concert of music by the Malagueta Beach, although many locals and visitors are enjoying the atmosphere and the bars of central Malaga.

malaga fair fires

malaga fair fires


3. Real de la Feria.

It has an area of over 500,000 m2 and 179 trade show booths belonging to social malaga fair organizations, clubs, guilds and companies, the vast majority with free access. It also has all the infrastructure and services, not to mention the typical attractions of a fair for the enjoyment of young and old. The Real has several distinct parts: in the area of the North booths have more room and animation and South are more familiar and where you can eat and be more relaxed. In the area of youth and adolescents are many booths which have loud music, and finally, there is the area of the fairground, a large area with fun for the little ones and not so small, great attractions, raffles and other entertainment.
During the day fair it is very hot and the sun mercilessly punishes the people reaching 35 degrees. I advise to use light clothes and hydrate well.

Fairgrounds. image

Fairgrounds. image


4. How to get to the exhibition center and the fairground

The council enables more than 5,000 parking spaces in the center for the day fair and almost 10,000 places around the actual so you can drive but some nights there is so many people that it is impossible to park. Therefore, it is best to use public transport, either bus, offering good service both to the center and at night the royal or taxis, more expensive than the bus but compensates when shared . By the way, if you stay in the capital you can also use the newly opened Metro Málaga. If you stay in a nearby village there are also buses with special services and trains that leave you in the center of Malaga (to Torremolinos, Benalmadena or Fuengirola).

plano fera malaga 2016

plano feria malaga 2016


5. Fair of the Centre

During the day people usually go to the historic center (although each year the real is more lively at day) to enjoy the party, music, tapas and drink. Larios Street, the busiest and emblem of Malaga pedestrian artery, is the epicenter of the festival, with the Constitution Square and surrounding streets of the historic center as a good place to feel the party atmosphere .

During the day there are often live bands of Verdiales in Calle Larios, brass bands and friends who encourage staff to decide to come. Of course you will hear many sevillanas and see women with beautiful flamenco dresses dancing to music. At sunset, the music in the streets must end by municipal side though people continue to party. And a warning: beware of crowds and fights between drunks (though very seldom) . Avoid the crowded streets if you really are overwhelmed by big crowds.

music and dancing in the show day.

music and dancing in the show day.

More than 7,000 cruise passengers arrive at the port of Malaga during the fair days. Surely the party and the atmosphere that they will find in the city center they will never forget.


6. Pilgrimage

The first Saturday of the fair at noon takes place the festival of the city, a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Victory, patron of the city. Riders on horseback, horse-drawn carriages and people on foot accompany the flagship of the malaga feria to this temple so dear to Malaga.

Pilgrimage of the Feria de Malaga. image

Pilgrimage of the Feria de Malaga. image


7. Music Fair

If something is not lacking in the malaga feria is the music playing all the time in the corners of the city center and the fairgrounds. Malaga traditional music as the party of the Verdiales at Calle Larios, sevillanas at all times, the typical “summer songs” or disco and pop music in the bars downtown and at the day Fair outside of Town. But there are also live concerts at the youth area (each day there are local groups) and the Municipal Caseta. Full list of artists and events HERE

Guide to enjoy or survive the Feria de Malaga 2015

Guide to enjoy or survive the Feria de Malaga 2015

During the fair in Malaga will be more than 200 free shows for all ages.



The bullfighting is another of the attractions of the malaga feria and the Malagueta bullring hundreds of people will be going to enjoy this festival. The main bullfighters go through the fair in Malaga to the delight of bullfighting. All festivities begin at 19:00 pm.

malaga fair bulls

malaga fair bulls


9. Eat at the Malaga fair

For lunch at the fair in Malaga there are several details that you should know: the day you can eat well in the restaurants of the historic center (although there are many people and some lower quality) and also in the many stores that sell dishes like fried fish, ham, cheese, cooked shrimp or prawns.

Try if you have the opportunity a good gazpacho or garlic soup, a typical dish from malaga feria. I leave you some names of good restaurants and tapas places of the center: Bodegas El Pimpi. Alea, El Refectorio near the Cathedral, Meson Santiago, The Twins, La Reserva del Pastor, Reserve 12, Lo Gueno, Cortijo Pepe….Or if you want something more sophisticated  : Jose Carlos Garcia at Pier 1.

We like to go to the snack stands there right in front of El Corte Ingles, because there is quality and good price and if going into the Fair in the city center, its a relaxing location and sometimes they give free tapas🙂.

malaga whitebait puntillitas

malaga whitebait puntillitas

To eat at night at the malaga feria fairgrounds things change and the truth is that it is difficult to eat well and be satisfied. The booths offer traditional foods like potato omelette, fried peppers, eggplant with honey, skewers, croquettes, sausages and fried fish. In all these years I remember not many places where you eat really well at malaga feria. Just use the fast food stalls that are scattered throughout the Cortijo de Torres.

Shrimps at Malaga Feria

Shrimps at Malaga Feria

You will eventually drink huge amounts of Cartojal at malaga feria (a slightly sweet Malaga wine with designation of origin) is taken very cold to relieve the heat of August (care that their effects may not be very beneficial). Another typical drink is called rebujito (wine with soda lime type chamomile lemon flavor), beer and all kinds of alcoholic drinks that you can imagine. But beware that it is important and fun to drink in moderation!

Cartojal at the Malaga Fair

Cartojal at the Malaga Fair


10. Culture

Although malaga feria is on holidays and most people come to have fun, it is worth taking a break and do something cultural because Malaga is growing a lot in this area. You can visit some monuments of the historic center or see a museum in Malaga. There are many good ones with good temporary exhibitions (Alcazaba, Cathedral, Castillo Gibralfaro, Roman Theatre ….): Picasso Museum, Thyssen Museum, Automotive, contemporary art ( CAC) … ..


You can not go without …

  • View the atmosphere of the malaga feria center, especially calle Larios, Plaza de la Constitution and Calle Granada. A one lifetime experience
  • Test the Cartojal wine, (drink with moderation 🙂 ).
  • Give yourself a night around the fairgrounds.
  • Listening to malaga feria Verdiales Music @ Calle Larios.
  • Eating fried fish in one of the downtown restaurants.
  • Take a break in malaga feria from the party for sunbathing and lounging on the beaches of the capital or the Costa del Sol.
  • To complement my advice and guidance, here’s the program : General Fair program 2015 .We hope your visit to my city for the August fair will be a pleasant experience. It is the great fair of southern Europe. We are waiting with open arms!


Maps and locations of Malaga Feria


Spanish Cadastre finds 1.7 million illegal constructions in Spain by satellite

More than 4,300 municipalities have already regularized properties. Revenue from property tax has risen by 1,254 million for this reason

Some 6,331 municipalities have resorted to the Land Registry, the body that records the characteristics of all properties, to discover illegal constructions that citizens have not declared and for which they should pay taxes (IBI, gains …).

To date this agency under the Ministry of Finance has helped regularize using the images obtained from satellites and other aerial photos 1.7 million buildings of more than 4,300 town halls.

The extraordinary cadastral regularization process opened in 2013 when the government allowed to legalize buildings in exchange for a fee of 60 euros. Since then, the collection of property tax has risen by 1,254 million.

Most of the illegal constructions are extensions of houses, terrace enclosures, roofing attics, supplementary to the main dwelling buildings, inches added to the garden or villa and swimming pools that were not declared in the relevant municipalities.

Land Registry statistics shows curiosities like Barcelona and Granada, which are the two Spanish provinces where more irregular pools have emerged by far after the regularization,  and Almeria, Granada, Huesca, Albacete and Ourense is where most new buildings have been found.

December 31st 2016 is the deadline to qualify for the extraordinary process of cadastral regularization that began in 2013 and 78% of all the municipalities of Spain have already begun the review process. The PP government introduced an amendment to the budget of that year to allow this kind of real estate amnesty. Taxpayers legalize their property by paying only 60 euros.

The measure was criticized as unfair by the opposition because it costs the same to regularize the expansion of a farm than the expansion of a  luxury villa in Marbella.

Since then, 6,331 municipalities have requested assistance from the Land Registry to draw an accurate map of the buildings of the municipality. And until last week 4,340 municipalities had closed the process and had regularized 1,691,000 illegal constructions.

Rate of 60 euros

Through aerial photographs or images taken by satellites, the agency of the Treasury checks amendments presented by the property. Sends the info to the Consistory and notifies the citizen to regularize the situation of his property by paying 60 euros.

These structures are irregular because they are not registered with the Land Registry, but they must meet the planning requirements of each municipality.

Thus, abuses are avoided and homes that do not meet the regulations can not be legalized. Therefore, the Cañada Real Galiana in Madrid, where there are about 40,000 illegal dwellings, is not affected by this cadastral regularization process.

This process increases the income of the municipality through the rate of 60 euros to regularize and through increased property value, to compute more meters, for purposes of calculating the property tax (IBI).

Ceuta, Málaga, Pontevedra (Vigo), Huelva, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Murcia and Lugo are the provinces with the highest percentage of urban and rural buildings verified by the Land Registry. Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Jaen, Palencia and Badajoz also have a rate above 70% , according to official data from the Ministry of Finance.

Registration of properties in each municipality has increased by 3% on average after finishing the process, which has allowed municipalities to raise 1,254 million euros in the IBI, according to Treasury estimates.

Precisely this tax is the most important for local entities. The latest data available, from 2014, shows that the revenue from this tax, which has doubled in the last decade, and accounted for almost 40% of tax revenues of the 8,200 Spanish local entities.

The IBI is the only tribute the Spanish tax system whose collection has grown throughout the years, even during the worst moments of the crisis.

In 2014, municipalities got more than 13,225 million euros for this tax on ownership of urban real estate, 6.1% more than the previous year. In fact, local authorities are the only that record a surplus since 2012 thanks to the power and regularity of this tax ..